Think Outside The Egg…

| March 26, 2016

Illustration by Guil Godier

Words by Riana Horner

BREAKFAST… chocolate, lunch… chocolate, dinner… chocolate.

It is the one time of year when we can justify stuffing our faces with sugary deliciousness all day and not get totally judged by it. But admit it, by the end of Easter Sunday the thought of indulging in another piece of chocolate is enough to make you spew.

Now don’t fret, I am not hear to tell you to not eat chocolate, instead I would rather help you think outside ‘The Egg” to avoid any chances of that regretful chocolate coma this Easter weekend.

You’re welcome…

Breakfast date

Whether it’s with your partner, housemates or parents, organise a time to meet for a yummy, café breakfast or brunch. You get to spend some quality time with them whilst actually consuming something moderately nutritious throughout the day. If you’re on a tight budget, make them a freshly home-cooked breakfast. Trust me, they will love you forever.

Plan a trip 

Get everyone together for a fun adventure day. You could head to the beach, go on a road trip or go out for a picnic. Plan something exciting and active over the long weekend so you aren’t stuck inside staring at that box of Ferrero Rochers any longer.

Healthier alternatives

Sugar free, gluten free, dairy free; sounds familiar to me! With dietary needs seemingly heading in all directions nowadays, it’s so much easier to buy a healthier treat option. So if you have a fussy sister or girlfriend who is ‘trying to be healthy’, why not gift them with a delicious but nourishing option instead. You could try baking wholesome, dairy free cocoa muffins, or if like me you’re not much of a chef, purchase some naturally sweetened lollies from the supermarket – there are whole aisles full of this stuff!

Bunny’s Basket

Become the Easter bunny this year. Grab a small wicker basket and get creative by decorating it with coloured tissue paper, yellow ribbons and small toy chicks. Next fill the basket up with all their favorite items such as teas, perfumes, fruits and drinks. You could even add in movie tickets, or if it is for a lady, accompany the basket with a bouquet of Easter daffodils.

Remember, Easter is about enjoying time with friends and family, so have fun, treat yourself and don’t feel too guilty for consuming enough chocolate eggs to feed a family of ten. It’s only once a year, right?

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