Anja Millen: Artist, Writer & Hermit

| July 22, 2016
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All Images: Anja Millen


THE human mind just like the world has many discoveries that can surprise throughout our life. As an artist it is a place where you can go to hide, extract and create. Although not an uncommon method, German artist Anja Millen caught our attention with her obscure pieces of work that demand you to take a deeper look into her being…

Based in Ireland, this unique artist started her journey in 1984 visualising her own world in painting and sketches. Strange, monstrous, nifty and sometime beautiful. In 1998 after visiting the European Academy of Art, a world of endless possibilities was brought to her through digital art.

“I consider myself and artist, writer and hermit,” says “Millen’ which is so fitting as she currently living in a cave, upon a high mountain. This is her sanctuary, where the genesis of her is present as she learns and embraces the idea of going crazy throughout her surreal fantasies.

The detail constructed throughout her art is magnificent, and important within the world of surrealism and abstract displays. The female body is present throughout all, embracing human emotions on a higher level that does not need to be understood, only appreciated.

Her work speaks for itself, it is beautiful and bizarre.

You can discover more from Anja Millen here.

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